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Format C: is a tense and compelling apocalyptic technothriller about the final battle between Good and Evil against the bacground of the race to fix the Millennium Bug that takes readers from the cutthroat competition of the computer world and big media in Chicago and Washington DC to Jerusalem’s Old City to the caves of Qumran to the back alleyways of ancient Tsfat. What will happen at Har Megiddo at midnight on December 31, 1999?

The Cleveland Plain Dealer’s review predicted that Format C: would “… probably be the summer’s hottest thriller. It should deeply disturb those who think that sinister electronic technology is taking over our lives. Readers … will be unable to resist this gripping, fanciful, fast-paced tale that has ‘best-seller’ written all over it.” More reviews →

Format C: is available from Amazon, from the author (with optional autograph), and at fine bookstores worldwide. To date, it has been translated into Hebrew and Polish.
Hebrew-language cover for Format C
Polish-language cover for Format C

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